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Veliki Sumik Waterfall, Pohorje Massif, Stajerska, Slovenia

Discover the tranquil beauty of Veliki Sumik Waterfall in the Heart of Pohorje Massif, Stajerska, Slovenia. Tucked away within the serene expanses of the Pohorje Massif, at the heart of Stajerska, Slovenia, you’ll find the unassuming yet captivating Veliki Sumik Waterfall. This natural wonder quietly resides amidst the untouched landscapes of the region. As you …

Where two rivers merge, Pri Bajgou, Slovenia

In the captivating woods of Pro Bajagota, an intriguing story unfolds. Here, the serene river Lobnica embraces a transformation, turning into a powerful mountain torrent. Its journey flows gracefully, following a complex path to the magnificent Veliki Šumik Waterfall, a majestic gem nestled deep within the wild Pohorje Mountains—a place that may only exist in …